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#12 How Much Leisure Travel Does It Take? | The CEO’s Perspective - What’s Next for Pilot Contracts?

August 26, 2021

Host, Jason DuVernay sits down with Ben Baldanza, the former CEO of Spirit Airlines to talk about the industry again. Ben gives his expertise on below the wing pain, consolidation, regional staffing, and career planning. 

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Don't skip the intro! I sit down with the President of RTAG to give you great information on their upcoming Job Fair!

6:56 - Ben’s recent travel experiences, what they’ve been covering on their show, and how airlines are dealing with below the wing employment gaps.

14:03 - Ideal business travel uptick season

17:58 - Data-based forecasts around business travel returns until we see what happens this fall.

21:20 - What is the difference between cash neutral and profitable? 

27:54 - Are we simply riding a wave of pent-up leisure travel or can we expect this trajectory to continue?

29:30 - Largely past the bankruptcy risk?

31:47 - How do Legacy airlines ensure their regionals are properly staffed with all of this hiring?

35:56 - With the insane hiring numbers we’ve seen lately are Airlines at risk of over-hiring?

37:41 - From the CEO's perspective, how do major airlines attract pilots in the long term?

40:42 - How do pilots measure the future growth of airlines?

44:36 - Consolidation threats in the US market?

46:09 - How are we going to get below the wing employees back?

47:42 - What inflationary pressures are airlines dealing with now?

50:54 - As pilots look forward into their careers, what should pilots be paying attention to that may not be so obvious?

56:26 - Ben’s advice for pilots looking to make move in their careers.


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Hosted by Jason DuVernay, Raven Careers

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